Don’t be afraid to pull over and ask for directions! Brochure Quick demo guide Drivers. The MFX-CN is up to the challenge with features to help control machine access, protect network integrity and encrypt documents before sending. Our awesome support team is ready to assist. Demand for protecting both devices and documents is rising.

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Full color printing at up to 55 pages-per-minute Standard sheet duplexing automatic document feeder DADF Print on a variety of media with sizes up to 12″ x 18″, envelopes, heavy stocks, tab-folders, labels and more Touch and swipe simplicity mirrors mhratec usability of a mobile device Distribution-ready output with optional stapling, sorting, hole-punching and more Next generation security features such as biometric authentication, which recognizes finger vein patterns.

Your business is transforming. Let’s turn your paper documents into smart digital files The MFX features a high-resolution x dpi color scanner, quickly capturing your documents and converting them to digital files. Your role, expanding and evolving.

Just don’t call them entry-level. PaperCut’s essential cookies are used to run our website correctly. Scan monochrome documents at up to 40 images-per-minute or color documents at up to 27 images-per-minute Automatically capture two-sided originals using the MFX’s patented duplexing automatic document feeder DADF Standard 5.

The MFX quickly performs these functions, making document scanning even more efficient.

Which Muratec MFP is right for your office?

Designed to meet the highest demands for printing and copying Offer the most advanced handling, productivity, and workflow options MFXN. Document and device security Demand for protecting mufatec devices and documents is rising.

Request a trial Start seeing the mvp of print management today. Increase efficiency by pre-registering locations in the MFX’s address book to gain instant access to your most frequently used email addresses, PC folders and fax numbers. Which Muratec MFP is right for your office?


Ready for anything The MFX is ready to handle just about any media you throw at it. Produce documents securely in-house to better control costs, resources and confidentiality. Secure print, which requires device authentication before releasing a print job from memory Customized user authentication for printing, scanning and faxing Encrypted PDF workflow protects information as it passes from the PC to the network IP filtering restricts device access based on an IP address authentication list.

Despite these challenges, companies must maintain exceptional customer service levels, meet project deadline and process information into systems that conform to new regulations and guidelines.

PaperCut’s performance cookies are third party cookies that improve your website experience, murqtec the ability to watch videos and engage in all mhratec. Features such as pop-up menus, scrolling function keys and fully customizable user screens deliver the most intuitive, user-friendly experience on the market.

With its innovative features and standard duplexing automatic document feeder DADFthe MFX-C helps your office achieve business-class document solutions. The MFX-CN is packed with features to help solve your business’ most pressing document challenges.

Easy access to your MFP address book, customizable cover pages and multi-location broadcasting is supported.

PaperCut MF for Muratec

The most cost-effective devices for low to medium print volumes Enjoy the same superior digital murqtec and document management capabilities of our other devices Basic finishing options MFX Create secure PDFs that require password entry prior to viewing Documents printed using the secure print feature are stored within machine memory for up to 24 hours, then they’re automatically deleted.

Doing more with less isn’t just a passing trend, it’s the new normal. Choose the speed and advanced finishing options you require. If you are unsure as to whether Muratec is supported on your model, please ask your Muratec representative or reseller. We offer 40 day trial versions of PaperCut software to assist you with compatibility testing with your network setup. Your business is transforming. Produce documents securely in-house to better control costs, resources and confidentiality.


Our awesome support team is ready to assist.


However, we make no warranties, express or implied, with respect muratsc manufacturer’s products or the interoperation with the listed PaperCut product s. Want to customize the file name, murate processing instructions in an email body or create a metadata file to enable seamless indexing into your document management system?

Create top-quality ICC profiles that can be used to meet or exceed industry references for color appearance matching Quickly and easily create a calibration set and output profile for Mfpp servers, Fiery XF, or any non-Fiery print system that can print PDF documents Verify color accuracy for compliance with industry standards such as ISO and GRACoL G7 Ensure accurate output so that the first print is approved by the print buyer, and future reprints will be consistent Visualize a device gamut to understand the color quality available for different printers and substrates Compare multiple ICC profiles or measurement sets to predict the likelihood of accurate color matching Create custom ICC mtp profiles for soft proofing to reduce waste from reprints and rework Share digital color files with confidence by providing consistent appearance across multiple displays.

To start controlling your multifunction device and give users a seamless experience, try PaperCut MF. Your role, expanding and evolving. The MFX features a high-resolution x dpi color scanner, quickly capturing your documents and converting them to digital files.