The link to the reference manual did not work for me but I have found a copy of the A reference manual here:. I have Labview bit. Keithley A Error Code: Anyway I now that I’m back, here’s what I managed so far: Message 4 of 5.

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The problem I am facing is this. Most Active Hardware Boards: Try the GPIB example: Your Content I want to make interface between keithley A source meter and lakeshore temperature controller. It does not take the remaining digits.

Message 9 of As GuentherS said above the waitcomplete command helped me. Message 1 of 3.

Message 9 of Anyway I now that I’m back, here’s what I managed so far:. The sourcemeter is connected via GPIB cable. Message 10 of Labview drivers for the Model can be downloaded from the National Instruments site at http: You can also use a GPIB interface: Break the problem into smaller steps and when you get stuck come back to this thread and let us know where you are stuck.


Start small and build on what you already know. This is a 2 channel meter, and my plan is to sweep one channel from 0 to 5 volts and measure the voltage it is sourcing, while the other channel is swept from mV to mV so no change in voltaage and measure the current coming through. Download and look at this manual: Message 7 of It is up to you to pick and choose which functions you want to use.

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I am trying to write a labview program to interface with my A meter via ethernet. Keithley A Error Code: Hope that helps somebody! I need to communicate with both instruments at same time. Also when i include negative voltages in my sweep say like if im sweeping from -2 to 2 then the current values 2366a between go to e-8 range which cannot happen as my resitor value iss 2.

It seems ieithley both have USB interfaces http: With the second cable, you then connect the two instruments in series with the PC. I hope i understand the application correct the device put out a known voltage and you measure back the current so the resistance must be calulated.


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Like the VISA block. Do you want an interface between the two devices? Message 5 of 5.

Anyway I have a new error while running the Advance Sweep. I dont have much experience about this.

Message 1 keithlej I am setting up a measurement where i need to source a voltage from the keithley and plot the current and resistance.