There is no art without fanaticism, giving a sense of how beresford revels in the chaotic web that he weaves between hollywood, sydney, memphis. Also the SRHV server system. Supports the Sandy Bridge -E processor. Intel DH67BL desktop motherboard. Probably Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Intel SBC server motherboard. The city of Atlanta, Georgia. Xeon series CPUs, dual-core and quad-core.

– Garbled console text on intel

This codename is sometimes applied to the BX chipset as well. Xeon LC series dual-coreXeon LC series quad-coreand the Celeron P d815efguintended for use in storage controllers paired with the Ibex Peak chipset. A small town with a rich artistic history located on the Monterey Peninsula. Intel DH57DD desktop motherboard.

Appalachian Mountains region of the United States. Willamette River or the Willamette Valley region of Oregon, where a large number of Intel manufacturing facilities are located. Org Foundation” [ ATX form factor, Slot 1. Mount Prospect is a village in Cook County, Illinois.


Turbo Memory module in the Robson flash cache. Org Server Extension [ Intel XAT2 Ethernet controller. Intel R Chipset [ Not using default mode “x” hsync out of range [ Probably named after Gainestown, Alabama.

It is the highest peak in North America.

Intel DH67GD desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Crestline disambiguation for possibilities.

List of Intel codenames

ColleyvilleTexas, USA. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname. The first bit Xeon processor. Intel SSC workstation motherboard.

Probably named after Boulder Creekin Boulder Colorado.

Digital media storage solutions

Solid-state drive in the series. Possibly Prestoniaa neighborhood southeast of Louisville, Kentucky. First Xeon processor to use the NetBurst microarchitecture. Kaby Lake is the shortened name for Kabinakagami Lake, a large lake approximately 70 miles north of Wawa, Ontario. Intel LTA46 Thunderbolt controller chip. Used in the Barbie PC, among others. Possibly Inteka place in King County, Washington. Intel SWP1-E server motherboard. Intel DB65AL desktop motherboard.