No comments Comments posted by Aj from Other, November 16, Depending on the length of the show you want to convert, the power of your CPU and the settings you choose, this conversion can take a long time. You can connect it to the motherboard where the power switch usually goes and then connect the power switch from your case to the card, or, you can enable ‘PME’. How to apply color correction using the Gradie The signal strength from both test locations was consistently above 90 percent, but we did notice a fair bit of stuttering in both areas.

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If you have a password, the scheduler will not be able to log in. You dvio connect it to the motherboard where the power switch usually goes and then connect the power switch from your case to the card, or, you can enable ‘PME’. The designer took out unnecessary lines and space from the drawing and let the outlook of FusionMPEG2 simple and elegant.

DViCO Fusion MPEG2 – VideoHelp Capture Card

If you want to pause live TV, then you must enable time-shifting first. Likewise, only one set of drivers is required to install it, unlike DViCO’s previous dual tuner solution, which required a second driver and also that the second tuner on the card be connected to the PC via a USB cable. Get free from the bulky power dvicp FusionMPEG2 draws power through the USB port that it gives you the freedom to work anywhere – at home, in the office, even on the plane.


During this capture process, FusionMPEG2 automatically compresses your video, which saves tremendous space on your hard disk without compromising quality. Bottom Line It’s a neat piece of hardware, but the dual tuner capabilities of this card are let down by the FusionHDTV software package.

The card also has the capability to boot up your PC in order to start a scheduled recording.

Cons PIP is cumbersome to use for dual tuners. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. It’s a PCI card and it only requires one antenna input for both of its tuners. One thing to note with the recording cusion is that it will not work properly if your Windows regional settings are not set to ‘English Australia ‘ as the date format will produce an error.

We were able to skip to different parts of a time-shifted program without any stuttering or picture problems. Pros Can record two programs simultaneously; recording scheduler has PC wakeup function.

That means if you want to watch one program and record another, you must have the program you want to watch on the correct channel in the main window, and the program you want to record in the PIP window.

DViCO Fusion HDTV 7 Cool Hdtv/analog TV Tuner PCI Card Tested

This means there are aren’t any messy pass-through cables or splitters required to use both tuners. We found the picture quality of the Dual Digital 4 to be very good, without too much blotchiness, and the sensitivity of the tuner fusiin very good.

Just like recording, when time-shifting, we gusion that we could not toggle between the main channel and the PIP channel. So you can get the exact video quality of your recording material before you go any further Visit manufacturer’s site. We were able to record programs from two different channels at the same time.


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Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. No comments Comments posted by Aj from Other, Fusionn 16, As for channel changes, it takes a couple of seconds to go from one channel to another. Description from the manufacturer site.

DViCO Fusion MPEG2 Capture Card – VideoHelp

FusionHDTV will let you record either the current channel you are watching, in MPEG2 mode, or the entire transport stream tpwhich includes all the sub-channels that a network broadcasts. Dvjco you buy this? It also operates in USB 1. Instead we had to use the main program interface to change channels and to toggle between the windows.

It can do this one of two ways.

View 10 comments views Post comment. If your favourite programs ever clash, you will be easily able to set the recording scheduler to record them both.

Where the second tuner worked like a charm was when we used the recording scheduler. No comments Comments posted by Daniel from Australia, April 18, I need power and lots of it. We noticed that we could not change channels by right-clicking, nor could we toggle between the main screen and the PIP window.