So forget the last answer. As I said, I am new to the driver platform and still not sure how to set up comms to upload to the Colorduino, but that is all part of the journey! To find out more about our customization service, click here. Maybe start doing some research or ask on the arduino forum. I just wana be able to print a shift a few letters. Had two of these and the first one had a duff output so one line on the matrix never turned on.

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Hi Nickā€¦ Thanks for your reply, i will just try your code and explore more about this. I dont understand how to run a Programm on the colorduino with the arduino software. The code is now on Google code and there is also a link in the text above.

To fix it, you must exit the Arduino 1. Thanks for the response, Nick; I appreciate it. It will be appreciated if you can help us improve the documents by correcting the errors, adding more demo codes or tutorials. This can be used for example to adjust the white balance of the display. Simple circuit theory says that you can combine two current sources in parallel; in your opinion, am I right, or am I overlooking something subtle or obvious with this hardware?


Then the Arduino sends to data to les of the Colorduinos in sequence. Whether all those 16 millions colours are perceptible to the human eye is another question.

Sorry, but I barely have time for my own projects, let alone other peoples! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The Colordunio has the same chip as on an Arduino and you can code it with the Arduino environment. I would like your help or the staff of the forum!


Full color Rainbow Colorduino V2.0 Matrix RGB LED Driver shield For Arduino DIY

Thx for your help, karl. Hi, is this the plasma demo? This site uses cookies. A green LED on the front of the board indicates power, although it is mostly obscured as soon as you plug the matrix panel in.

Colorduino V2.0 Matrix RGB LED Driver Shield Module ATMEGA 328p for Arduino

Im looking at drving 8 of these via I2C for a medical reseach project im helping out with. Write Your Own Review Only registered customers who has bought this product can write reviews. Hi Nick, Katrix site! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Love to see a few projects when they are done!

Maybe ask in the arduino or itead forums. How does it work? That way at least you know you are programming it right. My other option is the shield below, but it has zero documentation. Do i need to put an IC on the Duemilanove while i program the colorduino? I dont know what protocol to cilorduino for the screens.


Aloha Would love to be able to run plasma sketch on two or three colordiunos connected together but I need a code example to start with, if anyone feels to help me get started, please my mail is mowbeda optimum. If you want to reprogram it, say using the Arduino code editor, g2.0 need to pick up a USB to serial cable.

Send me an email telling me what you have done so far. Hey, will try and post it on google code some point soon.

Colorduino | Nick’s LED Projects

So on essence just send 2 displays worth of data. Maximum is 2, bytes. Using either the wire connections in your article or the Foca 2.

Mini video wall anyone?