A specific eReader made by Sony. Eddie September 21, at 9: There is an internal memory of 64 MiB. Dang he is even working on Christmas! Francois Boulanger 22 June,

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pfs-t1 The device has two English languages and four translation dictionaries built-in. Jim Savitz January 4, at 4: Dawn June 25, at Oh — one thing just occurred to me — have you tried downloading Calibre and stripping out DRM protection, then opening book up on the Sony?

Can anyone advise how to get a book downloaded from Google Play store into Calibre without using the Sony Reader software. Runs as an independent application.

Is there a way I can remove this functionality The launch of the new models also represented the introduction of the Sony Reader into soony Australian and New Zealand markets for the first time. Also, adding books to “Collections” a feature to organize and group book titles is now possible on the storage card, unlike the PRS model. Tony Vinciquerra Tom Rothman.

Armanax March 7, at 2: The extra apps also increase boot time considerably. Those books can be loaded on to the ereader using Adobe DE.


Sony Reader PRS-T1 and Calibre

This edition has been criticized for having a very reflective screen, making it hard to read unless it is angled just right in relation to the light sources. Be careful and use a piece of cardboard to protect the glass.

The PRS was launched on Octoberit has a touchscreen that can be used as a virtual keyboard. Like earlier Sony Readers the display can be clibre horizontally, enabling a landscape style mode, and adds a new mode displaying two portrait-mode pages side-by-side in a similar fashion to viewing a book.

Just to point out that its not Calibre that removes the DRM from books, but added tools from Apprentice Alf that do so. Patrick Perez 25 January, From there you can also turn the message that appears on the pts-t1 on and off.

Problems using Sony PRS-T1 ebook reader with calibre – Raspberry Pi Forums

This edition offers the possibility to highlight, quote or underline the text you are reading. Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

It’s getting a little old, but its not too ancient. Eddie September 21, at 9: Basem 24 January, I really appreciate your great efforts keeping us updated.

Sony Reader

Be sure to name your ereader model and manufacturer, so I can help troubleshoot. In the end I advertised on student job search for a student to set it up for me and they came and did it for me.


I have downloaded a few books but the title names have not come out as they should. Although the owner could not share purchased eBooks on others’ devices and accounts, the ability to register five Readers to a single account and share books accordingly was a possible workaround.

And that’s a problem when you are trying to find ebooks for an older ereader that may or may not support DRM.

I should point out here that the Calibre collection is maintained on my PC.

Uploading from Calibre to Sony PRS-T1

According to Sony’s website, this item is no longer available for purchase. It would be cool if there was, though. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.