So how do you blacklist things in the liveboot terminal rather than by putting it in a text file? Really great job, well done. After last update is booting fast and normal. A driver has to create the files there. Confirmed on Acer Aspire g. I’ve tried “dmseg grep ‘less restr'” as you suggested and got nothing. I tested your kernel x64 and as result i just can’t get even the applet animation working.

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Please let me know whether the boot option above helps. Apologies if it has reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. No error messages occur after that. When it stopped I hit some keys to see if it was alive.

Dokuro hikage-no-dokuro wrote on Do you get a message when doing “dmesg grep ‘less restr'”? In response to Markhor’s post Is there another way you think I could write something in these files?


Any kernel developers reading? I have not have time to specifically work on this. January 7th, January 7th, 7.

If I try to change via the brightness applet slider, it moves up and down and holds position You should better start a thread somewhere at forums. Bill Hansen, this bug was reported a while ago and there hasn’t been any activity in it recently.

Now, when running exactly that mode, can you do a “sudo grep -r. I’ve installed Karmic from new and the bringhtness problem persists.

HP Omen help – blacklist kernel modules in installation : archlinux

The wiki saves the day as usual. I’m sorry to bother By the way i tried only by applet, maybe i should try directly by commands I was just following the Ubuntu documentation for diagnosing packages: Going back to that kernel version should work with “dpkg -i” but on the other hand would keep you from getting any disbling that came along with the newer version.

Maybe you could try to compile your own kernel. The dmesg is useful to see whether acer-wmi gets loaded and probably what messages it prints and maybe other things that might be interesting.


You said in your videeo posts that: Hi all, I have the same problem you have described with my Aspire g.

Bug # “”acer-wmi: Unable to detect available WMID devices” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

January 7th, 3. Dear Stefan, Reading the dmesg log I founded this in line Cody Russell bratsche wrote on January 7th, 9. Just for information I am running kernel 2. Unable viveo detect available WMID devices” didn’t apear. I too am using linux Very sorry, posted in wrong Bug by mistake.

Start a thread at forums. Sorry for getting back that late. It is also written in “limitations” that restricted drivers will not work