By contrast UIQ 3 can be used by both touchscreen pen and non-touchscreen keyboard based devices. The arrow keys, together with the scroll wheel, back button and the finger-operated on-screen softkeys are all that is needed to navigate around the phone’s functions. In order to use the back button you have to take your thumb off the scroll wheel which adds time and may be fiddly for those with less nimble fingers. Fortunately the M has an excellent unified messaging application. Finally in UI usage terms it is worth examining the approach to links between applications.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Satio U1 Vivaz U5i. The call log includes a number of useful functions including the ability to add notes to a call entry, remove ericson edit specific entries, make follow up calls or send follow up messages and view total call counters.

Sony Ericsson M600i

New features include an impressive landscape mode which makes the most of the screen when editing larger spreadsheet files.

The softkey bar with up to three items and the status bar are shown at all times with the middle four fifths of the screen changing depending on the circumstances. G G G G UIQ 3 provides for a lot of customisation of UI elements such as layout and position of elements and the implementations of the UI on different devices can vary considerably. While the absence of a camera and additional connectivity options may put some people off, the Mi meets its target audience head on.

The Mi is an immensely powerful device loaded with functionality. When compared to an E61, Treo or Blackberry the difference in width is noticeable. All of the elements are customisable in some form so it is possible to tailor the home screen of the device to personal preferences quite effectively. The M is thin for a phone and even thinner for a smartphone. Task manager is made up of two tabs – recent and open – both of which list applications.


The browser can be used in portrait of landscape mode, with the second option generally giving a better user experience.

Both colours have cyan highlights set into the casing, stylus and keyboard lettering. Calendar is well specified and boasts an impressive list of features including recurring events, tentative events, meeting requests.

This situation will improve over time, especially as additional UIQ devices become available, but may be a consideration for early adopters. The browser supports a full range of web standards and is quick to render most pages.

The Mi supports the A2DP Bluetooth Profile for stereo music playback over Bluetooth and the music application includes a nifty feature allowing you to control where the audio is sent headset, handset speaker etc.

Sony Ericsson Mi | TechRadar

For a business focused device the Mi has impressive multimedia support. The recent tab has a ericsson to the ercisson and main menu screens together with a list of recently used applications all of which can be switched to with a single key press. Angular edges are offset by rounded edges and the overall impression is one of compact solidity. Furthermore the onboard word prediction software, licensed from the Zi Corporation, makes the most of the keyboard and helps increase the speed of text entry.

Memory Stick Micro “M2”. As mentioned earlier, the Mi is the first UIQ 3 phone on the market, and as a result the amount of third party software available is limited.

Sony Ericsson M600i photo

It has a large colour screen with a hybrid keyboard underneath. The music player is particularly impressive with a well laid out application that erkcsson a comprehensive set of features including playlist management including editingmusic library management, album art, equaliser presets and a mega bass feature.


SoftkeyStyle non touchscreen, keyboard with softkey navigationPenStyle touchscreen, with pen navigation and SoftkeyStyleTouch touchscreen with pen and softkey navigation. The phone has 80MB of built-in storage and a 64MB Mini-Memory Stick to allow a large number of emails, or a small number of multimedia files, to egicsson with you. As a result, fewer keys are needed to cover the alphabet and each key can be bigger.

Video performance is good, with full screen landscape playback a single touch of the screen away. Synchronising with your PC before you leave the office, and then using it for reference and quick messages, is the best way spny make the most of the device.

In the move from 2 to 3 there have been a huge number of changes, and many of the UI paradigms in UIQ have been radically overhauled. For a mobile device this approach makes a lot of sense as on most other Symbian OS-based devices to varying degrees and it is this strong application chaining that underlies much of the ease of use of UIQ. In these cases the keys can be pressed down on one edge or in the centre of the key to get the appropriate number.

Quickoffice is able to both view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. SoftkeyStyleTouch is a mix of both PenStyle and SoftkeyStyle and in theory can be used either one handed using the keyboardor two handed using a pen and the touchscreen.