That bizarre digital zoom arrangement Panasonic prefers which makes you change image size to zoom in Touch screen isn’t really necessary except to choose a Record mode Intelligent Auto is sluggish Flat color gets overprocessed Very high luminance noise, even at low ISO, mars detail Printed images are soft at 8×10 and above Unusual softness in corners displays a band of slightly better focus amid the softness, due to the lens shape designed to minimize chromatic aberration High default contrast Weak flash. And below that is the Quick Menu button. How long it takes to identify the scene depends primarily, we are told, on the image processor. You can also adjust the aperture and shutter speeds in the relevant modes by dragging the Panasonic FX’s on-screen sliders. Intelligent Auto iA Mode The Intelligent Auto iA mode, comprises various shooting-assist functions so you can shoot without the bother of adjusting settings every time conditions change.

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They are all along the right side of the LCD, starting with the Mode switch, which selects between Playback and Record modes. As camera sensors acquired more resolution, however, digital zoom improved.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500

The infinite continuous mode is slightly slower, with the first three shots coming in at 2. The camera will not only help eliminate blurring from hand-shake or subject movement by automatically initiating Mega O.


You can’t change anything here either, but you’re not supposed to want to, either. The Panasonic FX’s Movie image sizes are determined lumjx the aspect ratio. We did get blown highlights on one image taken at a nursery. The FX sports two continuous shooting modes: There is also a 4x digital zoom that extends the total zooming power to a maximum of Black and White view large image.

We got the back of an s Victorian with that as well as the evil chef haunting its kitchen.

It has, instead, crops. Touch-screens aren’t perfect, though — they can sometimes make it a bit tedious to quickly scroll through page after page of menus, for example. We had sunlight problems from wildfires burning up and down the state so our outdoor pictures suffer from a slight amber glow.

And, like other Panasonic’s I’ve tested, the FX captures it well. A dial is a much better solution than a touch screen for this.

Panasonic DMC-FX Review

ISO view large image. Panasonic calculates that your can lumixx megapixel 4: Continue to next page 01 Website design by Coolgrey. ISOs higher than that are better at 8×10 and 5×7. Face, 1 point, 1 point high speed, 3 points high speed, 9 points, Spot, Touch AF. This not only helps keep the number of external lunix buttons on the Panasonic FX to a minimum, but also helps to free up space for a larger-than-most 3-inch LCD panel withpixels of resolution.

You can record continuously up to 2GB. By ISOactual noise begins to appreciably intrude, negating the benefits of reducing noise reduction.


Furthermore With its multi-task image processing capability, the Venus Engine IV also boasts outstanding response time with a shutter release time lag of as short as 0. At other times when scrolling through images in playback, for instancethe touch screen and joystick can be used interchangeably a preferable arrangement for those who think the touch screen business xf500 just a little too gimmicky. Xf500 mode on the Panasonic FX is hampered by the lack of any zoom during recording. Rated 5 out of 5 by Joe the Videographer from wide look!

They aren’t cycling through the 33 or so Scene modes available on the camera, either. That hierarchy works pretty well, although it would be just wonderful if you could add a command or two to the Panasonic FX’s Quick Menu, which seems pretty arbitrary. Fluidity in low lumid is far from stunning, with the lumiix image turning into a bit of trailed mess when shooting in darker spaces.

As noted in the timings section, the FX like every other recent Lumix camera comes equipped with more AF modes than anyone could possibly want or need. The FX uses a 3. Then you want something under the 35mm most digicam zooms provide.