Specifies the goal the system should use with optimization of queries. This warning can be safely ignored to improve the performance of applications that call stored procedures. This means that the driver does not throw an SQLException with SQL error code after a failed connection has been successfully re-established if the following conditions are true:. Finally, the Toolbox classes provide access to operational information about the system, including user, job, and system value information. Specifies the criteria for retrieving data from the system in blocks of records.

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Defines a comma separated list of servers to use if the server specified in the connection string is not accessible. If the locators are of type hold, they will not be released when a commit is done. If the package does not exist, it is automatically created.

When this property is “none”, writing truncated data to the database or using such data in a query generates no exception or warning. A list of IBM mt400 messages generated by the command is available when the command completes.

Specifies the buffer size used to receive data through jt4000 socket connection between the front-end driver and the IBM i system. The SystemValue class allows the retrieving and setting of a single system value. Note that only the first six characters are used to generate the name of the SQL package on the system. By default the system optimizes open requests.


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Specifies the query storage limit to be used when statements in a connection are executed. Specifies how numeric range errors are handled. Specifies whether “currently committed” access is used on the connection. The default value is 0, meaning that the driver will connect to the portmapper to determine the port to use.

Trace messages are useful for debugging programs that call JDBC.

Specifies the port number to use for connecting to the server. The user space and data area objects provide persistent memory that can be accessed by several programs. BigDecimal object is used for packed and zoned decimal conversions. If this is set to “true”, then a package name must be set using the “package” property.

Toolbox for Java and JTOpen

The following is an example of calling a command and retrieving the associated messages. Admin con sole listening on http: You can not post a blank message. This warning can be safely ignored to improve the performance of applications that ut400 stored procedures.

Multiple types of trace can be started by adding these values together. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I have tried Datasource connection and XA-datasource connection. Specifies the host name and port of the middle-tier machine where the proxy server is tj400.


Specifies if statements should remain open until a transaction boundary when autocommit is off and they are associated with a LOB locator.

Activating Naming Subsystem This option can be set to 0 to indicate to not share locks or 1 to share locks. Input to the Java program can be sent from the client to the server. The initial ASP group specified in the job description for the user profile.


The ASFileRecordDescription class provides methods for retrieving the record format of a system file. I have made mistake here.

Writing truncated character data to the database throws an exception Using truncated character data in a query posts a warning. Specifies the rounding mode to use when working with decfloat data type.