I have the Easycap plugged in, how do I get Encoder to recognise or display it? Hi Graham, have a look again. Finally found a solution, unrelated to drivers or even capture devices. Thanks for this page!! I tried hook up my Vcr straight to Tv and I got perfect Picture.

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The driver I used was this one from the list above the grabber STK link:. First of all, thanks to visser for the article… i made my EasyCap work on Windows 8. I tried it on several computers too. Had the same issue but drivers Work d6c0 on Windows 7. Thanks a whole lot! Thanks a lot, anyway! If it comes down to it, I may have to use the family computer to record videos, which won’t be much better because there is some significant latency between the actual video, and the computer screen I prefer using a TV screen, but there isn’t one close enough to the computer, and I cannot move the computer or the TV in the adjacent room.

For Windows 10 use Easycap-by-Colour. Whether you are using an external or an internal TV Tuner, it is very important that you update your drivers as often as possible in order to use your device at its maximum potential.


OEM capture works for video but does not look like it includes sound. Send it back to eBay.

Yes, this what I ended up doing too — cvr twin RCA to 3. There are a number of linux programs that can be used but most of them run from the command line.

New camera privacy settings? I even tried not rebooting, and it still didn’t work. The driver you state are for Windows 8 are for Windows 7 and Vista.

EasyCap Dc60++ Driver and Application Software

I went online and found your downloads and found the whole CD download. The 1 channel version works though. Nest building has begun, March Download VLC from here: The installer apparently doesn’t correctly install the driver on Windows 7.

Does anyone perhaps have a link of what to download. EasyCAP, could not find the driver for your device Aug 1, I would have never though to use my phone! I keep picking up radio broadcast as I am listening to my tapes and recording them. You must log in or sign up eaeycap reply here.


Thanks a ton for hosting these drivers You are helping a lot of people: I easyfap this is not your line of question.

EasyCap Video DVR DC60 – can someone give me the driver? – TechSpot Forums

Perhaps we might start noting what hardware IDs work with the various drivers on the master list?? VLC now captures audio and video.

Is it the sofware? Thank You so much.

Is there anyway I can get the serial number without having to buy a whole new set of the easycap as I do not want 2 systems. April windows 10 update seems to have broken it for me. Already have an account? I did not find drivers for windows 8 there… neither win10, which is the one I am actually looking for. And it so happened that I found on your site.