DuraLabel is a registered trademark of Graphic Products. Ribbon Sensor black D. Cleaning the DuraLabel Toro. Turn off the printer using the power switch in the back, near the black power cord. Want to see what your labels will look like?

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Please check our selection of online videosor contact our support team for help. Loading Supply in the DuraLabel Keep holding the button, and watch the light on top of the printer. Press Setuphighlight Set Defaultsand press the right arrow key. Then, try printing again. If you needed to correct the supply loading, close up the printer and try printing your label again. The DL prints labels that withstand the harshest industrial and outdoor environments known to workers anywhere.

The supply type selected here needs to match the supply type that you are using:. Find the entry in this window for your DuraLabel Lobo. Call Us Toll Free from the U.

It should then feed forward, underneath the print head mechanism and between the two moveable gray guides. You can print signs and labels at widths of 4″, 6″, 7″, 8″ and 9″ in high-definition dpi output, at any length you need, even up to several feet. Higher speeds generally require higher darkness. Only authorized supplies from Graphic Products will print correctly in the DuraLabel This option should be set to Thermal Transfer.


If the label still comes out blank, please contact our support team for help.

Information about the DuraLabel , DL, SafetyPro 9G

Buy Now Request Information. Label Design Text boxes can be resized proportionately by holding down the Shift Key while dragging a corner box handlebar. Then, open your label design again and try printing it once more. The Darkness setting may be too high.

We offer free support for the lifetime of our printers, and free labeling advice and assistance for all of our customers. It should unroll to feed beneath the white roller, and slide smoothly between the green guides as they hold it centered.

Petroleum-Resistant ribbon has part numbers ending in 20; Premium ribbon has part numbers ending in If the spindles were faced the wrong way, correct them, close the printer, power it on, and try printing your label again.

Press down on the adjacent right adjustable pressure knob while turning it clockwise to the same pressure setting as the far-right pressure knob. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. We offer money saving options for DuraLabel owners.


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DuraLabel Toro Software Navigation. Select an available USB port, if one was not already selected. Loading The Printer 2. Getting Started with LabelForge.

If there is already supply loaded, click on the printer icon in the taskbar at the top of the Toro home screen.

Duralael printer is not ready to print yet. If this setting was already correct, and you are using a compatible ribbon, then click the Calibrate button to have Toro feed some of the label stock through and re-adjust its internal sensors.

DuraLabel 9000

Turn the ribbon rewind knob on the cartridge counter-clockwise about a quarter of a turn, and try fitting the cartridge into place again. Turn off the printer, duralavel the lid, and push the lever to raise the print head. Hook the DL up to your PC as you would any printer, and get started!