Easy Scan startup screen reminds you to insert the holder We can heartily recommend the Easy Scan utility. If your images are not 24x36mm 35mm frames, forget it. What was most evident working with these less-than-optimum images was that the greater specification depth and new light source and optics of the scanner produced raw scan image data with much more latitude for correction and adjustment. The Launcher provides access to all three scanning utilities, defines the Quick Scan button and accesses a fourth application.

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The improvement over the original elits is only noticeable for difficult images at high magnification, but it takes the from excellent to “drum scanner quality.

It also pulls out all of the detail in the darkest shadows, even in the most dense Kodachromes, which the Minolta Dimage Multi-Pro and Imacon had trouble with.

The glass reflects the scanner light. DiMAGE Scan Utility provides detailed image correction, ideal for achieving the best scan by providing control over all image parameters and adjustments in detail for every image. But our enthusiasm was tempered when we learned the included software could not actually calibrate the scanner.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Scanner | eBay

Working with the II was a pleasure. However, with very grainy black and white or the high-speed, grainy Kodachromeit is less effective. In another image, again shot at high altitude on an overcast day, although the slide was not as grossly blue, just removing the color cast resulted in a very dull image.


The slide holder has two latches at the bottom which is actually the top when inserted into the scanner and helpful frame numbers oriented correctly that disappear when you open the holder.

You never have to crop or configure multiple target areas.

Digital GEM for film grain management to analyse film emulsion patterns and reduce graininess while preserving image quality, color and sharpness. The faster speed seemed to make up for, well, everything else.

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II Scanner

Vuescan software allows IT8 profiling, and works on systems newer than XP, which neither Lasersoft Silverfast nor the Minolta software do.

And bumping up the contrast or letting Pixel Polish do it automatically clipped our shadow detail a bit more than we elitd. One is that SilverFast only opens a relatively small proxy preview image from the whole MB file, so as you work with it the system is not taxed by processing all of the data in that big MB file.

Maximum 20W Energy Star compliant Dimensions: The improved scanned image quality is just cream on the top. Load four slides emulsion down so they appear right reading and close the holder. Although the differences in my final scans of these select images were subtle, they were significant nonetheless.

Scanner Review: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite II

The II ships with several proprietary scanning applications, which we did test. Scans from the are consistent enough in both alignment and exposure to make this possible without leaving artifacts.


The last slide can be replaced without ejecting the holder from the scanner. From a Kodacolor Gold negative.

Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II – film scanner (35 mm) – desktop – USB 2.0

For more information and a full list of specifications, visit Konica Minolta’s website at: In the past, getting good shadow detail from Kodachrome has fimage a challenge, due to the film’s high D-max. Ready for Your Close-Up?: We found ourselves continually referring to the help message box in the upper right to find out what any particular icon was doing. Batch Scan Utility handles large volume scanning with less work, making the scanning workflow more efficient by enabling continuous scanning at a eliet resolution, exposure and with pre-determined corrections applied.

This Konica desktop scanner supports 35 mm film.

You can get the job done, but you have to work at it. The II does show some evidence dimaeg evolution, too. Someone explain to me why scanner manufacturers always include a cable or two while printer manufacturers never do. The other is an Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.