Time should be setup beyond current recording time. Motion Detection Record This is used when recording is done using motion detection. On or Off 2 [Camera status displaying bar] This bar displays when the channel is being recorded on surveillance mode. They have a few of them but they just mess up the system and slow things down. Posted July 21, If I remember correctly it gives you access to motion detection screen, camera labeling, and a couple of others but that is it. In that case you can solve it by using a more sensitive amplified microphone.

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Secret number is not installed when product is purchased. When any program error occurs, it will operate at 10 minutes. Also, it may not recovered automatically. User logon information can be used to connect to DigiNet server thru the DigiNet client software, or web client.

What’s the deal here? Then, click on the [Confirm] button.

Sign In Sign Up. As far as dual booting goes, you can do it and there are ample sites on the net that explain how to do it. You can select either green or red color. Ensure enough space for the cables at the rear of the system.


DVR-USA | Kodicom DigiNet

Sound card must be installed properly to use voice recording function. Also, what video card are you using? Cause I have the following problem: Turn off the system before installation. Is it because of all the XP frequent security fixes? Nothing happens, just a faint clicking, so that’s disappointing! Clicking the red backup button will then bring up the backup dialog with the time frame selected already entered in.

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After rebooting, please check out the connection between DigiNet and center PC by using center and site program. You can zoom the image by left click up to 7 levels on DigiNet, model.

Dlginet standard for repairing, replacement or reimbursement follows Customer Warranty Content Any defect under normal use within the warranty service period we give you free repair service according to the warranty sheet.

Digijet mixer is installed in the system. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. You can assign the external sensor number. I’m really upset about the quality though both remotely and even on the dvr system.

Yeah but nothing requires as many security fixes as XP.

4ch diginet dvr card Hikvision h.264 dvr card HK-DS4004HCI

When a time frame is selected, the backup button will also turn red to indicate that a Quick Burn backup can be performed. I’m not sure if Kodicom has fixed it yet.


Currently selected camera will copy to camera you chose from the pop up list.

TRANS connection site 2. After the other options have been chosen and the Backup button is pressed, a backup will be created to the selected file path and name.

Select time of the day and select drag the area and ddvr select recording mode from [Record Mode]. The maximum is sec and default vvr set to 0 sec. Breakage or trouble made by natural disaster. DigiNet program, which was executed during program installation, will end. If you select [None], one day will be designated as holiday and for that specific day only. Product quality can be guaranteed.

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