Press a or b to choose Setup User. The Professional Series MFCcn all-in-one is perfect for your presentations, signs, spreadsheets, reports, photos and more with versatile printing from 4″ x 6″ up to 11″ x 17″. Page If metal objects, water or other liquids get inside the machine, immediately unplug the machine from the AC power outlet. Chapter 12 Cropping If your photo is too long or wide to fit the available space on your chosen layout, part of the image will automatically be cropped. Press a or b to choose Alignment. Page DO NOT put your hands on the edge of the machine under the document cover or the scanner cover.

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The polling feature needs to be set up on both machines for this to work.

General Information Using the documentation Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Secure Paper Feed mode for Ledger size Short Grain Paper If your printed pages have smudge problems when using Ledger paper, your paper may be short grain paper.

Glossary This is a vrother list of features and terms that appear in Brother manuals. Automatic Daylight Savings Time You can set the machine to change automatically for daylight savings time. Turning off Distinctive Ring Press Menu.

Wipe the paper brotehr with a soft cloth to remove dust. Paper Options Enter the number of copies you want. Page Lift the scanner cover 1 from the front side of the machine until it locks securely into the open position.



Turn Off Fax Preview and print all future incoming faxes? Lift the scanner cover 1 from the front side of the machine until it locks securely into the open position.

Tone or Pulse Canada only If you have brither Pulse dialing service, but need to send Tone signals for example, for telephone bankingfollow the instructions below Watermark Copy You can place a logo or text into your document as a Watermark. Computer Requirements mfccw Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Photo Capture — See the print settings in the following table.

Outgoing Call Outgoing Call The last 30 numbers you sent a fax to will be stored in the outgoing call history.


Approximate page yields in accordance with ISO Make sure that your camera is turned off. Removing Small Printouts From The Machine Chapter 2 Put envelopes or post cards in the paper tray with the address side down and the leading edge in first as shown in the illustration.

Telephone Services and External devices Voice operations Voice calls can be made either with an external telephone, by dialing manually, or by using Quick Dial numbers. High Yield 4-Cartridge System. Make sure the Outer Back Nn is closed properly.

Press d or c to choose Detection or No Detection. Third party USB ports are not supported.

Brother MFCCN A3 Multifunction Printer

Press a or b to choose Setup User. Press a or b to choose Setup Receive. Telephone Services Voice Mail If you have Voice Mail on the same telephone line as your Brother machine, Voice Mail and the Brother machine will conflict with each other when receiving incoming calls. Do not pack the used ink cartridges in the carton. Black Copy Speed max.


Page 13 Polling Polling overview Direct Photo Printing on Demand. Printing Photos From A Camera Printing photos from a camera Printing photos directly from a PictBridge camera Your Brother machine supports the PictBridge standard, allowing you to connect to and print photos directly from any PictBridge compatible digital camera. Receiving a fax at the end of a conversation At the end of a conversation you can ask the other party to fax you information before you both hang up.

To print the faxes in memory, see Printing a fax from the memory on page For maximum printer life, it is best to choose a printer with a duty cycle that far exceeds your print requirements. Check that the paper is flat in the tray and below the maximum paper mark 1.