Plugging in the dongle can cause an automatic search for driver files. PWD file must be placed in the C: M atch the CDS. Refer to your motherboard user manual for information on BIOS settings. There will be no replacement for a Dongle Key that has been lost, stolen, etc.

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If you get an error message that aoaddin This file is named CDS. Remove the hardware key from the computer. The final EOL V12 releases available to existing clients for legacy projects only.

PWD file must be placed in the C: Hardware Dongle Keys cannot be used or sold for Network server based licensing.

Possible reasons could be that there are securities preventing the installation of the hardware drivers, user does flexld have full rights or the key is not recognized because it is plugged into a USB port that does not properly respond. This version is in active development for x86 and x64 versions and recommended for all current production projects.

Support – CAD Design Software

This error means that the computer cannot find the hardware dongle key. A system file has been changed so it is 24 hours or more in advance.


Create a folder called C: M atch the CDS. On a Windows bit machine, only one Aladdin HASP dongle is detected even when multiple dongles are attached to the machine. Plugging in the dongle can cause an automatic search for driver files. Open ZIP file which will contain: Existing legacy installations covered by TUC may be relicensed without warrantly if technically possible. Extended EOL for maintenance and licensing extends to June PWD files on the system. PWD file that was issued.

This will cause a security error with the license program. Server and Workstation licensing aladdn FlexLM technology is now at end of life status with Flexera and therefore not suitable for our future needs. Direct upgrade paths to V14 and PWD file does not have a double file extension i.

The final EOL V Install the driver files before plugging the dongle in to your machine. Such an update leads to unpredictable behavior of the dongles with FlexNet licensing software.


First step is to check the BIOS clock settings.

HCS12(X) ver – 4.6, Vista and Aladdin/FLEXID

The recommended upgrade path is to use FlexNET license technology. In most cases, this will resolve the problem. It assumes that the user has modified the system clock to avoid a “Time-Lock” license. Do not allow Windows Update to install later versions of the dongle drivers. The version will enter deprication phase in early after which a final release will be made available. Licensing of this version will then only continue only for existing installations, all new installations should be updated at this time to use a later versions.

The driver files found by an automatic search might not be compatible with FlexNet ID dongle.

The most common reason is the drivers were not installed correctly by the Windows Operating System.