Everything was going perfectly until I reassembled the laptop. Trying to reuse the old grease will usually lead to overheating problems in the future. This article prevented me from throwing out a friends laptop, and she can not afford another things being what they are. Then vacuum the side exhaust. I replaced the cooler and cleaned the heatpipe.

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Acer Aspire 3684NWXCi Review

To the people that have replied that after they have re assembled the laptop to find that the monitor did not show any displayI had this problem too the first time that I stripped my laptop. Sarah, Thank you, Sir! In the begining it gave sound and turned offffffff. And is its location shown in any of your photos?

That is not as comprehensive as this though.

How to disassemble Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

My acer was heating up frequently and I used your instructions to open it up and clean the heat sink. Today, I cleaned my cooling module step by step as you described.

If you have acre ideas of about what the problem may be please respond as soon as you can.


I tried taking the whole thing apart and redoing it twice. Priced at Rs 23, we think the Aspire gives local brands a run for their money. Now you can remove the hard drive assembly.

I used your instructions to get at the cooling fan in my Acer It is a better idea to always replace the thermal grease when removing a heatsink from a processor. This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2.

It was extremely helpful. Our real-world tests revealed enough power to multi-task between regular applications such as media players, word processing applications, browsers, etc. I have the aspire ati x, the shape and model looks identical to the aspire I have 3 adapters.

Can you hear the cooling fan spinning before acdr laptop shuts off? The original one broke so I was using a spare one from another laptop while I awiated my new adapter. It did fit with a little pressure but their is now a little nick in the battery case. Then vacuum the side exhaust. In my guide you can see the CMOS battery in the step Maybe the fan is dead and 368 to be replaced.

Installing Ubuntu on Acer Aspire WXMi

Here is a step by step procedure to install the drivers manually in case you don’t want to use the script I wrote, or if it doesn’t work properly. I used this guide to disassemble my laptop for the purpose of replacing the DC power jack a replacement easily and cheaply found on Ebay. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. You cannot upgrade the video card.


I had ubuntu installed and now it looks perfect. As you see, the heat sink is completely clogged with dust.

I have the same problem…black screen…. Thank you for the great guide. I blew out the heat exchanger next to the LAN port and problem solved. A little tip for those attempting this, if you strip 36844 only screw holding the keyboard down like I did and steal a screw from the portion holding down the hard drive like I also did the longer screw will block the battery from being pressed in securely.

Make sure you use the appropriate version of the drivers for your version of Linux.