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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Also copied all the driver and ini files from the win98 system to their resp directories, but the button config application does not launch. They make mice where you push the wheel left and right, and and almost all mice with scroll wheels, it acts as a button.

Design wise, it’s very 90s scrollwage tech design. I don’t have any model or serial numbers from this mouse. The screenshot of device manager is appended. I’d love to have this mouse. Etihtsarom 7 Prof posts.

A4Tech WWT 13 – Trackball – wired at Backoffice

Wireless media control keyboard witch trackball 2 pages. I now have a Win 7 machine, but Logitech does not have a Win Notebook users or people on the way will find it particularly useful to switch the mouse to trackball mode, enabling them to work on rough, uneven scgollware.


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Add to my btc a Add. However, windows 7 is unable to find any drivers.

Now partnering with Viagra, so you can have unparalleled confidence in all aspects of your Internet and real life. All times are GMT Every submission must be a Crappy Design. It would be cool if the second wheel allowed you to scroll through your web history. Which makes sense, since it doesn’t even mention XP. The time now is Rozwodowe polish blogger since You know you can change the settings on these things, right?

ScrollTrack Dual Scroll Wheel Ergonomic Trackball Mouse

We understand that this type of policy is controversial and uncommon, especially for default subreddits, but we believe this method of moderation gives a subreddit the best chance at maintaining quality. Also, what about the third button?


It is one of A4Tech’s dualwheel mouse. Any one able to Write or modify mouse driver? Third button is in the wheel nowadays.

Micro Innovations Windows Driver Downloads

Originally Posted by valtonray well with the correct model of your mouse we could probably find a compatible driver for it. We do not “let the votes decide”. Hi to all my friends in SevenForums.

Originally Posted by valtonray. I remember I had very 4x mouse that had addidtional button loke this. It is supposed to use generic windows 2. Other reposts may be removed at moderator discretion.