Same goes for the Demo-2 results which reflects the same amount of drop as in Demo Why is that so? At the time, most games supported 3dfx’s proprietary Glide API which gave the Voodoo2 a large advantage in speed and image quality, and some games only used the Glide API for 3D acceleration, leaving TNT users no better off than people who didn’t have a 3D accelerator. Improved mipmapping and texture filtering techniques, including newly added support for trilinear filtering , dramatically improved quality compared to the TNT’s predecessor. The TNT had bit color support while the Voodoo2 only supported bit although internally dithered down from bit color, beating the TNT in 16bit quality.

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As my version of 3DMarkMAX is not registered, all results are based on an x resolution at bit colour depth with each processor’s proper optimization.

All you have to do is get all the latest drivers for your motherboard from VIA’s website and update your Windows. These drivers were a tny success. Anyway WT98 isn’t very thorough for video-card benchmarking. Even a K blaxter playable at x resolution! Don’t worry about the 16MB RAM limitation because as of now, you won’t find good use for it and when it does get useful, it might be time to change to the next generation of graphic cards.

With multi-texturing which nVidia improved a little over here in the TNT2 ,you can see a nice linear increase between each of them. These should have the Ultra-word laser etched on to the chipset.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Series

Later on when fully featured OpenGL drivers were made for the 3dfx line of cards, it was noticed that it was much slower when compared to its cut down MiniGL brother. They had the capacity that nVidia needed to output but they blasrer still manufacturing in 0. And of course don’t miss the P that is all out! Even if you live in Argentina and can’t figure out which one to use, the database is so huge it lists out plenty of countries and their supported systems.


These are the contents of the package: So as of now, Creative is staying on the safe side and selling it as a 2x AGP capable only.

The TNT2-Ultra is still going strong here! After all, unlike the rest of the competition, Nvidia had come close to the Voodoo2 in performance in some games, and beaten it in 32bit image quality. Retrieved October 9, High Stakes at bit and bit colour to see the difference that so many people try to claim it’s better.

Pod-Racer, Quake-2 and I ran 3r games at x with extreme fluency. So even ttn these tny cards run at higher core and RAM speeds, the limited memory bus has brought the performance down similar to the old TNT.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 M64 (32 MB) () Graphics Card | eBay

When I switched on the monitor in the morning, I was delighted to see the Demo still running. The installation involves the fairly standard procedure of switching your display-adapter type to Standard VGA Adapter in Device Manager before powering down to change the video-card and let windows detect riv new card and direct it to the location of its drivers, that’s it!.

Next are the 3DMarkMax results. I’ve been running almost every video card successfully in my Super-7 combo for quite a while now and if there has been any compatibility issue, I would have addressed them in my reviews, but I still see many queries.


Word has it those markings of hnt that start with T Read time 3min 00sec. TNT received the first branded driver within the industry, called Detonator. Of them, the most important bunch would be the Safe Display mode in case you set the wrong resolution and refresh rates and you’re stuckthe Virtual Desktop Presets, Windows Desktop Presets and the Shortcut Manager.

There is also a value version called the TNT2-M The dashed results are those I choose not to rivz.

RIVA TNT – Wikipedia

The fan they provided wasn’t always running, in the sense that I sometimes needed to give it a push to make it spin. All looks right over here but just note how much gain you get by overclocking your video card Game This is what I thought when I first saw the Ultra word missing rivw after scouring for a little more information that led me to these details, it looked like I was right but I hope it’s an accurate source regadring the part numbers.

You have to manually lower your resolution to x or x at 60Hz refresh rate in order to have output to the TV. Voodoo2 cards also gained an even larger speed advantage over nlaster TNT because of the ability to link two Voodoo2 cards together in an “SLI” setup.